Lobelia cardinalis ‘wavy’ – fantastic smaller midground plant!

I picked up lobelia cardinalis ‘wavy’ to replace the echinodorus radicans that used to be in this foreground spot since the echinodorus was way too big!  The lobelia has been a brilliant addition.  The emersed growth form of this plant is loosely spaced darker green purple-tinged leaves with a wavy edging.  The plant adapted to submerged growth instantly in the aquarium.  Even a few days after planting (31-July-2020 image on the left) you can see new growth on the top.  The submerged growth form is bright green, densely packed, and with a more subtle waviness to it.  Happily, it doesn’t really seem to get overrun by green spot algae, which is appreciated.  I was actually thinking the lobelia would have a looser packing structure to it such that the fish would be able to swim/hide between the leaves, but this denser form is not without it’s charm.  Super plant, highly recommended.